Family Law & Divorce

When you are considering divorce, there are a number of issues to consider. Some of the issues surrounding a divorce may be more complicated than others. In most cases, property division and child custody issues create a great deal of tension between partners and are often contentious. A southeast Missouri family law attorney can help you with a number of issues including:


Whether you are dealing with a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce, you need an attorney to represent your rights. Divorce proceedings can be lengthy and if you and your spouse are unable to agree on key issues, having an attorney on your side can make the process easier.

Property division

One of the more contentious issues in a divorce is the equitable division of marital property. Property is typically divided based on a number of factors including the length of the marriage, the earnings of both spouses and the future potential earnings of each partner. In addition to dealing with assets, an agreement must also be reached regarding debt that was incurred including mortgage loans, car loans and credit card debt. No one should have to be financially crippled after a divorce; at Zimmerman Law, LLC we can help protect your financial rights in a divorce proceeding.

Child custody

Whenever there are minor children a divorce is often more complex. Both parents want what is best for their children but oftentimes cannot agree on issues surrounding custody. As a Cape Girardeau family law firm, we can help ensure the courts understand why you should be the custodial parent. Keep in mind, Missouri courts always look at what is in the best interest of the child or children. We can help provide a clear picture of your situation for the courts demonstrating why you are the best choice for custody.

Child support

The courts typically order a non-custodial parent to pay child support. We can provide the courts with a schedule of how much support a custodial parent will need to meet the needs of their children. In addition, should a non-custodial parent fail to make payments per the court order, we can help with contempt of court charges to force payments. Financial consideration from non-custodial parents should also include medical bill costs, educational costs and clothing costs necessary for the comfort and care of your children.

Spousal support

Financial considerations are often made for custodial parents who could struggle to make ends meet due to a divorce. At Zimmerman Law, LLC we understand that oftentimes, there are reasons after divorce that a spouse cannot work including responsibilities for a child, disability or illness. We will fight hard to make sure that you get support payments if the situation warrants it.


We can help work out a reasonable visitation schedule to ensure your children have the benefit of a stable relationship with both parents. Our goal is always to ensure the best interests of your children are taken into consideration.

When a couple is considering divorce, there is always a great deal of stress and oftentimes, emotions take over and cause a number of issues. These issues often impact the relationship with parents and children. They do not have to if you have competent legal help to ensure successful negotiations with your spouse. Whether you are just starting the divorce process or you have a court ordered agreement for support payments that are not being met, feel free to contact the family lawyers at Zimmerman Law, LLC.